land of Wonders

under deathless skies

voices of stone

we hear you, even as stars

blink out across cyberspace

(for Egypt)


the walls of my mind

closing in

I leap

at passing cirrus clouds…

and hit the skylight



when you try to pull the rug

from beneath my feet

you don’t see that I’m standing

on a magic carpet


sailor’s warning –

a gull tilts sunrise

on its wings…

my heart

all at sea



on willow pattern blue…

my thoughts brushstroked

from here to you,

Scots pines in winter sky


a raindrop

running in a vein

of its own making…

the clarity of my life

from the warm side of the glass



strolling down the road

to meet me

in faded denim

patched with birdsong

twisting and turning
a dragonfly splits
a ray of light …
he says he loves me
in his own way

SIMPLY HAIKU (Winter 2011 ~volume 8, number 3)

warm hands guide
and lift me into the light …
at the end
the loneliness of the deer
lying on bloodied grass

SIMPLY HAIKU (Winter 2011 ~volume 8, number 3)

the air aches for snow …
in that place only we knew
the rusted key,
as if you could unlock
the door to this life

SIMPLY HAIKU (Winter 2011 ~volume 8, number 3)



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. pandamoniumcat
    Feb 07, 2011 @ 23:21:16

    I love Life…perfect.


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