Recent Journal Publications ~ winter 2011


she keeps

a notebook beside her

when she sleeps…

this sketch of a heron

in a frost-sharpened sky


in silence

deeper than the scent

of pine

we listen

for the eyes of deer


PRESENCE #43 January 2011

still feeling the heat

of your words, less shocked

that you leave

without a goodbye

than I am by the birdsong


I could not see you —

she told me to remember you

as you were…

decades later, I still turn

to see who wears your fragrance


Meditation on Mokichi Sato’s ‘red lights’ tanka:

night deepens

the arterial pulse

of red lights —

at the heart of the city

loneliness is in the blood

RED LIGHTS – January 2011, volume 7, number 1


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