your kisses

blue mist of the Pleiades…

release the clasp

on this necklace of cares

and let it fall


this thought

curved to shape

a seagull’s wings

filled with light

and bound for you


when your light found me

I was a butterfly

trapped in a net…

just enough for you to see

I cast a mesh of colours


she persuades me

to look past the rain

where finches bloom

on the bare boughs

of the cherry


out of the blue

the Mona Lisa smile

of a day moon…

the never say never

of falling in love again



I am the first thin slice

of this honeydew moon

the cat’s  lovelorn cry

a clock of counted stars



emptying her pockets

of birdsong…

I can give you no less

than all of me


moon shadows

I trade my cares for dreams

gather them up

in a deer-skin pouch,

draw tight the heartstrings


first milk…

folding back the red silk sheet

of sunrise,

in the last drops of moonlight,

the blue-white curve of her breast


on the boughs

where sycamore seeds

hung their wings

new buds at first light…

how she reminds me of you


dove on the bough

pushed by the rain-strewn wind…

hair fanned gold

swinging on the garden seat,

a memory of summer




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