thoughts of you

carried on the waves…


of Japanese incense

an offering this day



long have I drifted

on open seas of tanka…

today my thoughts

hug your coastline


For the people of Japan, 11th March 2011


resting my head

on the shoulder

of morning…

a breeze through the snowdrops

to dry my tears


the falling star

I could not catch

is a poem

perfuming the stillness…



beneath the footbridge

the stream flows as it flows…


offered up to light and shade,

we are all but waterlilies


For Owen (my son, regional finalist Art of Nurture 2011)


my daughters…

how the breeze passes

through your hair

earth-scent and cherry blossom

bound for spring


For Eleanor and Amy (International Women’s Day)


the textures of grief…

no longer felt in the seams

but here and there

the lightest touch

catching the hem of this day


peeling a daydream

from the sheer blue sky


silk in arabesque…

an iris blooms


how the iris

keeps twilight’s counsel…

now I regret

telling you

my deepest secrets


across the bridge

a world I can only reach

through dreams…

from a gull’s white light

a perfect rainbow


the composure

of daffodils in bud

on this still, blue day…

grandmother, so dignified,

thrilled by fairground rides


in copperplate:

it’s later than you think..

a chaffinch

on the sallow’s highest bough

singing an ode to spring


this, the beginning

and end of all things…

lay me down

in wild crocus

pillowed by your ticking heart


we are but flesh

living these moments

of sifted moonlight…

high on the catkinned sallow

a chaffinch pulses with song


walking back

through the wild grass of this day

to gather

dew-splashed spring flowers

for when you wake

For Polona



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