treading on tree roots

we walk an uphill path

starred with May blossom…

the green greener

for the blue


Summer’s Day

the braid of our lives…

as swallows weave

morning’s  seamless blue,

we renew our vows


oak leaves

a swaying canopy

of light and shade,

your vows, then mine –

the pipes of an unknown bird


take down the book

blow the dust off a memory…

a little egret

at the gilded edge

of a wind-fluttered lake


at my fingertips

the spread of a crow’s wings…

from lamp post

to sunlit patch of grass

and back…and back again


a song thrush

in the blackthorn…


from the stave

the last notes of spring


scent of white lilacs

and rain in the air,

your memory

and mine…

a heron unfolds


wind song

sheet music


from the stand…

a reed bunting


at dawn

a song thrush…

water cascades

down the spine

of this ancient self


between reeds

and the shadows of reeds

I am filled…

the flutes of warblers,

these blue breaths of sky


a hand

stills the pendulum

in a blue room of sky –

a goldfinch

at the feeder



with breath’s pure colours

a butterfly peels

from this darkest mood

and catches the breeze



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. neerja
    May 10, 2011 @ 09:29:04

    Dear Claire
    Your words transport me
    and i find myself
    walking with you


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