you and I. .

a meadow pipit rises

on two notes

holds our breath, then sets us down

our hearts stained with sky


the day begins

with a sky as blue

as your eyes. . .

a fledgling with memory

tucked under its wing

For Ellie on her birthday



filling with salt-water…

on love’s nowhere shores

the compass of my heart

still points to you


lark shadows sweep

the dew-starred heather…

I am lost

moments before you wake

in the dreamscape of your face


is this the love song

of the stones or the stream?

do not toil

to know the shape of my words

let them sound in your heart


paper scrolls

wrapped around the heartwood


in pine-scented shade

my tree of songs for you


mist on the mirror

this path we walk…

my fingers trace

a memory of bluebells

and wild garlic


in a blue dress

blowing dandelion clocks,

summer sky…

we pick cotton daydreams

from passing clouds


in sumi-e ink

the flow of a moment

scarlet and black

two woodpeckers

and a clean sheet of sky


how the house creaks

catching its breath on silence

as night

smooths your pillow and tucks in

the shape of your absence


you always said

I was too sensitive

for this world…

through the cracks in the pavement

wild violets


my life is the coat

I hang at the gateway

to the hawthorn lane…

at my feet, a robin

pecking at crumbs


morning twilight

in a lion wind

Parvati dances alone

a dozen starlings

on each arm



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