stitching the hem


you wish I’d been there

when you saw the kingfisher…


quiet at her morning task

stitching the hem with blue


PRESENCE #44 June 2011


the scribbles

of a forsaken rookery

inked-in by night…

these unfinished poems,

the lives I might have lived


PRESENCE #44 June 2011


throwing open

the attic doors

a mind

full of cobwebs

blown across the moors


PRESENCE #44 June 2011


how my mother

used to roll up her sleeves

and take on the world…

fronds of honeysuckle

feel their way towards sunset


EUCALYPT #10 2011


a needle’s glint

between finger and thumb,

Grandpa’s sewing kit…

shrapnel deep in my marrow

this little piece of the Somme


EUCALYPT #10 2011


spring’s first iris

I watch her unfold

her blue kimono…

the comfort of rituals

in this shaken world


BLITHE SPIRIT #21, 2 June 2011


a silent shadow

the master has come to sit

on the other side

of the paper screen…

I have much to learn from death


BLITHE SPIRIT #21, 2 June 2011


the deportment

of magnolia buds

crammed with spring…

I bite the lip of longing

as you bind our flesh for sleep




stretching out in blue

the contrails from your touch


in the sky

of my mind


MOONBATHING #3 2010 (reprint)


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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jmbhatt
    Jun 28, 2011 @ 10:35:59

    Wonderful short poems. Amazing in richness.


  2. Miriam Sagan
    Jul 05, 2011 @ 01:11:49

    Very much enjoying these–it is my favorite form.


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