breath of the ages

I am delighted to have had a tanka prose piece selected for Atlas Poetica’s 25 Tanka Prose special feature. This genre has its roots in ancient Japanese literature but has massive appeal for modern day writers, being incredibly versatile and diverse in form. I feel honoured to see my work included alongside some of my favourite tanka poet/prose writers. I hope you will take some time to read the collection, edited and introduced by Bob Lucky. Atlas Poetica is a fantastic journal, dedicated to ‘poetry of place’ and is a champion of tanka in all its forms, including tanka prose.

Here is the link:


not the notes

but the spaces in between

breath of the ages. . .

blackbird in the firs

we are all travellers here


a knot

only she can undo…

you and I

opposite ends of the same thread

slipping between time’s fingers


the poetry

of my everydays…

a butterfly


through the kitchen door


butterfly dust

on the heels

of summer

following the fox

along the beaten track


a whisper

travels the length

of her spine…

a heron glides beyond

the reeds


gathered up

in the silks of summer’s song…


the time

of dandelion clocks


a crimson darter

skims the mirror-lake…

your lips on mine


may never come


so few breaths

between summer

and autumn

the teal turns

to preen its wing



of faded newsprint dreams

in and out of the hedgerows

a poem written

on a sparrow’s wing


some moments

so sublime

they never were…

the wafer of blue

between sky and sea


I would walk again

the eggshell path

of my life

to feel this wind

lifting my wings


from a ledge of sky

I watch the skimming stones

of your words


full-circle rainbows


on one stone

of a shore of stones

a speckled butterfly…

love comes to us on wings

lingers in the details



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