the path of the sun



there not there

sunlight on gossamer. . .

by whose hands

are these years spun and measured,

clipped for all time?


your love

is the blood of sunset


through the veins

of my sky



two tanka for Svetlana:


braiding the cornfield


find wings in words

follow the path of the sun


this hour

of struts and frets…

stirring deep

in the body of darkness

strains of a sweeter song




after I’m gone…

layer upon layer

of winged words

that settled

while the dust gathered


between stones

and crests of foam…


from the weir of this day

to bathe with dippers  


a beetle 

deep in the tangled core

of a field poppy…

in the tissue folds of sleep

the pollen of my dreams


still I hide them

once raw weals now silver-pale…

at the landfill

warblers and whitethroats

sing nature back home


a lone swift

between dust clouds

and blue marble…

a scalpel

in the sculptor’s hand


a long life

lived well…

smoke trail

a crane drifts by

the viewfinder of a dream


31st July – 6th August (inclusive) my 3rd set of haiku as a contributor for cycle 11, summer 2011 at DailyHaiku:


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kirigirisu
    Aug 15, 2011 @ 13:44:15

    A glorious selection, Claire.


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