The Mirror

clear water…
the white-robed egret takes
the Druid’s staff
Within minutes, my world is in perfect focus. All that has been troubling me fades when my eye feels the scope’s coolness and adjusts to the light. My breathing  becomes calm, my chest expands and my neck seems to lengthen.
How might I stand still on shifting sand?  Tucked away, beneath the squall, with what faith might I quill this wing? What it would be to close my eyes and preen deeper into the breast of darkness.
the one-legged Jain
in a godwit’s reflection…
summer rains


first published  in Simply Haiku



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kirigirisu/Brian
    Feb 07, 2012 @ 22:06:48

    Ah, balancing birds framing the sides of a prose every bit as poised. Your meditation leaves no doubt you are in full command of your medium, Claire.


    • Claire
      Feb 08, 2012 @ 14:33:26

      Thank you, my friend. Those birds can teach us a thing or two. I’m a fledgling at haibun, but I’m enjoying these first circuits in the blue! Much to learn.


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