Autumn Noelle Hall 
Claire Everett


black caterpillar
making a mad dash across
the highway~ ~ ~ ~ ~
what is it we believe lies
on the road’s other side?

whitethroat perched
on dew-prinked nettles,
the caterpillar
to which you cling is what
keeps you from your song

hornworm’s munching
jaws on the tomato vine
drowning out the breeze—
why such reluctance
to be whispered into wings?

will I ever
get through… get through to you?
on the crazy paving
a song thrush with a snail

measuring the world in your
tentative strides ./\. ./\. ./\.
why not reach feathered feelers
to tickle the full moon?

chasing the light
on dragonfly wings
one last breath of fire
before the hobby
plucks you from the blue

quivering pinions fanning
the fading sunfire
how my heart flutters…then
drops as you plummet

so many words
to choose from…
taking their fill of summer
swifts on the wing

rasping cicadas
their resonance rounding out
the cottonwood…
you and I are chanting
the circle song, too

eye spots
the peacock butterfly
returns my gaze…
from chrysalis to wing-dust
this life of dreams


Lynx : A Journal for Linking Poets. XXVII:2, June 2012



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