that flock of words


the whitethroat’s song

and petals of blackthorn

falling as they bloom…

we can’t help but find

the courage to love




I can see no one

for miles on these wind-roamed moors

yet, these breaths

of incense, secondhand…

another’s rite, or refuge


both from Eucalypt 12, 2012




a blood-red petal

in the cleats of your boot

am I the armful

of long-stemmed roses

you once gathered to your heart?


Moonbathing, a journal of women’s tanka   issue 6, spring/summer 2012



a flash of white —

wishing I, too

could make

spring’s heart leap,

roe deer in the thicket


Presence 46, June 2012




from the dead wood

of the lightning-split oak

a butterfly…

all that we’ve been through

yet you don’t read my poems


Ribbons 8:1




in which life

will I find the ink

for that flock

of words

crossing the sunset


Ribbons  8:1 Tanka Cafe, “Horizons”, spring/summer 2012


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Robert
    Jul 25, 2012 @ 15:53:08

    Beautiful, especially “in which life”.


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