china cup

Another week of Tanka Poets on Site prompts:



neurons fire
and I’m walking barefoot
through a field of stars
bound for never say never . . .
in love again


the last of the swifts
swirled in a blue china cup . . .
gypsy sky
I don’t need to ask
what’s left of summer


clocking off
from a 16 hour shift
I slip on
my many-coloured coat
become one with the night


“I love you”
he folds the paper plane . . .
moon’s breath
rippling the water
an egret steps from the reeds


for each step I take
on the oak-root path
one last breath of meadowsweet
beneath a mayfly moon


a grey heron
drinks from the shallows
of a dream . . .
clattering the footbridge
my first waking thought



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