twelve moons . . .

As you know, I recently published my first collection of 100 tanka, twelve moonsI’d like to thank everyone who has bought a copy and I also wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the wonderful comments and feedback I’ve received. It’s this kind of support that has inspired me to keep writing, submit to journals and come as far as I have today. Thank you all!

You can read more about twelve moons here:

This is an amazing book. The work is delicate and light as the touch of a feather, but profound at the same time. This is a first work by this author who clearly possesses a remarkable gift for the tanka form. It is extremely reminiscent of the very famous work in the same form, Tangled Hair. It has the same elegant, fragile quality whilst still having a modern sensibility. I cannot recommend this book enough.

Violette Rose-Jones  ( Customer Review)

twelve moons is, quite simply, the best tanka collection I have ever bought. I have been an admirer of the poetry of Claire Everett for quite a while, and this eagerly awaited book not only lives up to my expectations, it exceeds them. I very highly recommend  what I believe will come to be viewed as a classic work.

Clive Oseman ( Customer Review)

Got mine yesterday! Never really read tanka before so what a nice introduction to the form. Folks were trying to explain it but reading this gem makes more sense. Congrats, it’s wonderful.

Haiku Rue

Our copy was in our welcome home mail… from Createspace when we got home from Seabeck Haiku Gathering! So beautiful and I know my heart will be full of your visions… as always… so beautiful to have it in one place, and in my hands.

Kathabela Wilson

I’ve just received my copy today, Claire – and it’s beautiful and delightful to read. I’m no expert on poetry or Tanka but it touches my heart and colours my emotions…Thank you.

Sara May

Claire, I received my copy of “twelve moons”, your lovely tanka collection. As I was reading, and sighing, my husband asked what pleased me so. I read him this: transformed/by the breath of your love/I am no longer sand/scattered to the wind/but the beauty of blown glass. He let out a long “ooooooooooh” and looked at me with dewy eyes. He said he really gets why I love tanka so, and why I love the work of Claire Everett. I hope many writers will experience this poetry by ordering your book.

Carol Judkins


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